2017 Applications

Newark Days - Parade and Race Applications

This post contains all of the applications for the Newark Days festival.

As the applications become available they will be posted here...

Be a Parade Sponsor!!!

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2017 - Food and Game Booths

2017 - Parade Application for Bands

2017 - Parade Application for Other Groups

2017 - Arts and Crafts

2017 - Newark Mile Application

2017 - Info Faire Application

2017 - Car Show

2017 - Car Show Vendors Application

2017 - Coloring Contest

Newark Days Parade

A slide show of the Newark Days parade...

Thanks to Jamse Sakane for the photo coverage in the Argus... 




Newark Days Carnival in Full Swing Saturday Night


Some aerial footage of the Newark Days Carniaval at dusk...

2016 Free Shuttles to and from the Newark Days Celebration

Catch a ride with us!!!

Free Shuttles to and from the Newark Days Celebration

This year we are offering Free Shuttle Service to and from various locations for Newark Days Celebration. Flyers will be left at Sr. Citizen Centers in Newark, Fremont and Union City offering Free Shuttle Service on Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18 to enable our Sr. Citizens to easily get to our Newark Days Celebration, located at 35951 Cedar Boulevard in Newark, and back to your local Sr. Citizen Center again.

If you don’t see the flyers at your local Sr. Citizen Center, please call Go Green Transportation at 510-464-7336 to schedule a pickup or find out where the closest pickup is already scheduled.

Newark Days has also set up an off-site parking location at the Newark Junior High School Parking Lot on Lafayette with a free shuttle to and from the festivities at the Community Center grounds on Cedar Blvd. Parking Lot Shuttle Services will start at 7:00 a.m. and end at 7:00 p.m.

Once Cedar has re-opened after the Parade, a Shuttle stop for returns to the Jr. High parking lot and Sr. Citizen Centers will be located in front of the Community Center on Cedar Blvd., just past the Judge’s Trailer. Sunday, November 18, Shuttles will start at 10:00 a.m. and end at 7:00 p.m. Watch our Website – www.NewarkDays.Org – for updated information.

At the Newark Days Celebration, we offer quite a lot of free entertainment for old and young alike (on Saturday and Sunday), located at three different stages, in addition to carnival rides (for a nominal price), food, drink, Arts and Crafts, Pony Rides and more. And, on Saturday morning starting at 9:00 a.m. is the Newark Mile 4K run followed by a Parade down Newark Blvd and Cedar Blvd. at 9:45 a.m. – Noon, as well as a Classic Car Show Saturday afternoon in addition to the carnival rides, stage shows and everything else. Check out the schedule of events located on our web site to see what time you want to get to Newark Days.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

2016 Coloring Contest Winners

Some great entries from local kids!

First place winner will ride in the parade on a float, Saturday morning, September  17   All winners will receive trophies and an all day pass to ride the carnival. Awards to presented on the ”Voyage to theStars” stage  on the lawn in the food booth area #4 following the parade at 12:30 pm.

Sponsored by Cargill 

Click here to Download the file - 2016-Coloring-Contest-Winners-List.pdf

2016 Coloring Contest

Kids love to color, lets have fun!

Download the high resolution master for the coloring contest here :)

Click here to Download the file - 2016-Coloring-Contest.pdf

2016 Event Map

Find out where to go...

Map of the Newark Days 2016 event... 

Click here to Download the file - 2016-Newark-Days-Map.pdf

2015 Parade Awards List

Find out who won awards at the 2015 Newark Days - Sail to Treasures and Adventures parade!

Here is a list of our winners from this years parade. What a good time!

Click here to Download the file - 2015-Parade-Awards-List.pdf

2014 Newark Days Parade Awards

Awards for the participants in the 2014 Newark Days parade.

Didn't we have a great time this year?

Here are the awards for the 2014 Newark Days - Be a Kid Again parade participants.

Click here to Download the file - 2014-Parade-Awards.pdf

2014 Newark Mile Results

Check out the winners of this years big race!!!!

Did you run or know someone who ran in the race?

Check out this years results!

Click here to Download the file - 2014-Newark-Mile-Results.pdf

Click here to Download the file - 2014-Newark-Mile-Award-Winners.pdf

2012 Newark Mile Results

Check out the winners of this years big race!!!!

Here are the winners and the results from this yeas big Newark Mile race.

Click here to Download the file - 2012-Newark-Mile-28-Award-Winners.pdf

Click here to Download the file - 2012-Newark-Mile-28-Results.pdf

2011 Newark Mile Awards

Find out who the winners are from this years big race!

This document has the award winners for the 2011 Newark Mile Race.

Thanks for participating, we hope to see you again next year :)

Click here to Download the file - 2011-newark-mile-27-award-winners.pdf

2011 Newark Mile Results

Times for the Newark Mail Race...

Did you run ? If so how fast ?

This document has the times for the runners who participated in this years Newark Mile Race.

Click here to Download the file - 2011-newark-mile-27-results.pdf

2011 Newark Days Parade Award Winners

We celebrate the winners from this years parade!!!!

If you participated in or simply enjoied the Newark Days parade check out this document that show who won awards for their parade entries.

Click here to Download the file - 2011-Parade-Award-Winners-091911.pdf

New Website for the Newark Mile race!!!!

A new site with info and pics!!!!

Filip Nowak and Chris Chandler, the Newark Mile Event Co-Chairs, have put up a new website to document and promote the historic Newark Mile race.

Stop by and give them some love!!!!


2015 - General Rules of Operation

This is the terms and conditions for food and game booth vendors.

If you would like to operate a food or game booth at the Newark Days Celebration please download and read this document.

Click here to Download the file - 2015-General-Rules-of-Operation.pdf

2010 Newark Mile Results

Winners and Times for the 2010 Newark Mile race.

Thanks to all those who came out and ran in this years 2010 Newark Mile race.

The winners and results are postedas PDF's in the links below...

Award Winners

Click here to Download the file - 2010-newarkmile26awardwinners.pdf


Click here to Download the file - 2010-newarkmile26results.pdf

2009 Newark Mile Results

Download the times of the winning runners in the annual Newark Mile competition!

If you ran in the Newark mile or if you are just interested in the winners we have the results right here.

Click here to Download the file - 2009-Newark-Mile-Results.pdf

2008 Newark Mile Results

The time and placement for runners in the 2008 Newark Mile race

If you participated in our Newark Mile race in 2008 you can see your official time and place in the link below.

We hope you all come back this year to race again.

Run hard and leave it all on the road!

Click here to Download the 2008 Newark Mile Results pdf.